Nature as a part of Wilderness


Nature is what composes the wilderness. From dirt to trees to lakes, nature surrounds us everywhere we are. In my opinion, wilderness has several meanings. It can be both a feeling and a place. Wilderness is the unknown as well as places we can visit on earth. What makes something not a wilderness is major human influence on the natural land. Sure, I guess a city could be considered a wilderness, but I would call it man-made. The natural wilderness is untouched and minimally influenced by humans. Humans are a natural species, but the way we influence the planet differs and contradicts our natural habitat and fellow species in many ways. There are many ways of interacting with our wilderness without hurting or minimizing it. Star gazing can be a magnificent eye opener to the unknown just by simply looking at nature.

Here, astronomers show people the amazing night sky visible from Yosemite National Park in California. Gazing at beauty of the nighttime sky in all of its’ glory is an experience that most  people on earth don’t get to see. In cities and suburbs, the light pollution is so intense that the stars are less visible to the eye. In national parks, light pollution is at a minimum which provides an amazing experience observing wilderness and the unknown. Stars are aspects of nature that, when observed, give the feeling of wilderness.

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