Beauty of Yellowstone


Last June, my family and I explored Yellowstone National Park. The damage from the devastating fire of 1988 was still really visible; it looked like it had just happened. I didn’t realize how long of a process regrowth was. Despite the dead forest, the park was breathtaking. We stopped at the falls and there was this permanent rainbow from the mist of the waterfall. Reading about Nathaniel Langford and his enthusiasm about making Yellowstone a park was really relatable to me. Every corner we turned, there would be huge herds of buffalo. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I actually got bout 10 feet away from a mother buffalo and her baby sun bathing by a river.

DSC_1104 DSC_0085s DSC_0314

The geysers were wonderful, too. We saw old faithful which was a cool experience. The geysers and hot   springs throughout the park are unlike anything I have ever seen and look like something of another planet. The water in these natural “pools” was literally bubbling and looked like clear blue in ground hot tubs.

The only thing about National Parks is that I sometimes wish that they weren’t so tourist-y. I understand that these places are amazing and everybody should get a chance to see it, but sometimes the large crowds leave you more separated from nature then you expect to be before you visit. The fences and boardwalks that lead you through the parks really don’t feel natural, but don’t get me wrong, not every single part of the park is like that. I’m sure Nathanial Langford would be pretty satisfied about how the National Park idea has developed.

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2 Responses to Beauty of Yellowstone

  1. chj22blog says:

    Ahh, so great! Last summer I lived and worked in Yellowstone at the Old Faithful location, so we were there at the same time! Love your pictures and identify with your experiences!! Did you stay at one of the lodges at Old Faithful?

    • katemanuell says:

      I know its great!! And we were sort of nomadic, we rented an RV and stayed at many different camp sites and stopped by Jackson Hole also! We probably crossed paths while we were both out there!

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