Preservation is Essential



While reading about conservation and preservation, it got me thinking about my trip out to Zion National Park in Utah and Bryce Canyon. It was about two summers ago when my Dad and other family members hiked Angel’s Landing in Zion. This was probably the most memorable and challenging hike i’ve ever done. The hike was short but almost vertical it was so steep! We needed chains to hoist ourselves up every little foot. At the top, the feeling was so invigorating.


 What came to mind as I was reading passages about preservation of land, was that feeling I got while on top of Angel’s Landing. The way I felt represented the wonderful relationship that humans can have with nature, and our reasons behind wanting to conserve and protect our lands. I realized that this concept is somewhat difficult and out of the ordinary for people to explain or try to get their point across about. Protecting nature is such an important thing emotionally and spiritually to humans; however people are blinded by the material objects in this world and just don’t understand or care about the wilderness. Once someone finishes a hike like Angel’s Landing, that great accomplished, blissful and powerful feeling will take over and provide a moment of realization and thoughtfulness about our natural landscapes.

While in Utah, we traveled mule-back into beautiful Bryce Canyon in the southwestern part of the state. It was such a cool experience to travel on mules through sand and mud- no pavement to be seen- and cool rock formations called “Hoodoo’s” which the natives would think of as sacred.



I think we should begin to cut back on our material needs in life and replace those with cravings for adventure and first hand wilderness experiences. No material object can make you feel the way finishing an awesome hike does; or riding on mules through a desert canyon. The preservation of these national parks is the most effective way of getting more people out there to explore and experience these places.



View from the top of Angel’s Landing- Zion National Park



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